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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  August 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> good evening. >> thanks for joining us. our big story as we head into the second week of olympic competition. one american is out because of doping. >> his redemption -- is redemption in the cards? >> this would be the first for the london olympics but not the kind organizers wanted. nicholas delpopolo failed a post-competition drug test. he said he unknowingly eight food laced with marijuana before the games began. the u.s. picked up another bronze medal. matt emmons in shooting. and lolo jones won her first
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heat in the 100 meter. the gold medal was a few strides away. the reason she says she did not take today's race for granted. >> is fair game, you have to get overall tan. that is why i love about it. do not ever bet on the hurdles. it is a terrible thing to bet on. >> tossing a ball at a track meet is not a good idea. that landed a man in court. >> it is not acceptable in any venue. >> and facing a public order charge. the bottle incident had no effect on the race. >> jubilant celebrations in london's to american community. they tried to add gold beginning tomorrow. >> if you watched yesterday
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afternoon's coverage anne arundel county's matt centrowitz qualified for the final period which melody think is most within his reach? you can techstars answer to 8509. you'll see the results later. it can watch highlights of the qualifier. see where he finished from the pack and also you will see the lightning fast finish. >> imagine the 20/20 for summer olympics in baltimore. after being denied for this summer's games, and or i -- an organizer is considering putting in another bid.
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this would require millions of dollars. >> things should be quiet through the evening hours. we're not expecting any big storms to prop up this evening. a fairly clean sweep around here. to the south, clouds and showers across parts of southern maryland. and some sprinkle activity east of ocean city. we're watching the tropics. ernesto could become a problem for parts of central america. it could become a hurricane in a few minutes. >> it is the season for state and county fairs and ferris wheels and cotton candy but before you enter the 4-h barn, a
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warning. >> thousands of them will be flocking to the fairgrounds. when it comes to pigs, fair goers need to be extra diligent. many pigs are a joy to watch in show. the cdc noted an increase in the number of swine flu infections. >> almost all that is related to touching pigs at state and county fairs. this is a state and county fair season here as well as around the country, we thought we would put out on alert -- an alert. >> there have been 29 cases of the virus and they have been limited to ohio, white, and indiana.
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wash your hands with soap and water. people at risk for complications showed a voice -- avoid exposure and as well as a pregnant women, children, and adults over 65. pigs have the same symptoms when it comes to the flu. if the pig looks sick, stay away. >> the flu season is usually september or october until march. although it is not a more severe type of the flow we want to make sure that patients and individuals and doctors know that if someone comes down with a signs of the flu, it could be the flu. fair officials said they have plenty of washing stations to use and they have a monitoring system for the pigs. >> i and my assistant go around and check the animals to make sure they are healthy. >> that is right.
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the pigs get the same symptoms that we do with the flu. coughing and sneezing. if people see those animals are acting like that, it could be they're not feeling well. this not the same swine flu from three years ago. you cannot get a swine flu from eating pork. >> thank you. speaking of preventing viruses. it is that time of year for children to get their recommended shots for the school year and some kids got off to an early start. the health center department offered for vaccines early. all you need is your child's immunization record and your good to go. >> it is important because we're trying to keep children safe, we're trying to make sure they're in compliance with state law.
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we are making -- basically permitting more diseases. >> the health department will be at the eastern family research center on wednesday. for more information, go to our website, >> exhaust fumes from a generator are to blame for a carbon monoxide leak at the main post office. 58 were evaluated and two were hospitalized. the generators activated after a power outage. operations were not affected. in west baltimore, a chlorine leak left two workers injured. it happened after 930. that was confined to the inside of the montebello water filtration plant. both employees were taken to union memorial hospital for treatment.
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>> investigator city of ester shot and wounded a suspect who was trying to flee. barry simms is live in northwest baltimore with more details. >> police tell us the officer appeared -- feared for his life and that is why he opened fire here. >> when the shooting started in the parking lot at 50 cent -- in northwest baltimore, -- he became upset and scared. >> i do not know what it has. the first and was thinking is why is this officer shooting while i am sitting right here? >> the officer tried to stop a fleeing suspect. this began around 11:00 a.m. monday morning. a man came to court for an unrelated matter and an officer found out the man had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear on a traffic issue. >> the officer learned the suspect was wanted. the suspect was apprehended. at some point, the suspect
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attempted to escape. >> he told that officer he had used the restroom and fled once the officer removed the handcuffs. a foot chase including share '70s and police ended in the parking lot. >> the suspect jumped into a vehicle and backed up and tried to run the tavis are over. the officer fired three rounds, striking the suspect in the right arm. >> the officer thought his own life was in danger. >> i heard these two gunshots. it scared me so bad so i looked up and i add seen this car jetting off raufaste. >> he wants to turn right on wabash. >> it was an officer and a court clerk standing there and the officer had their get out. police say he was taken to an area hospital. he was listed in stable condition.
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charges are pending. the investigation continues. >> one maryland casino is expected to return nearly 500 slot machines after a big drop in revenue. according to a letter sent by the vice-president general manager of the hollywood casino to the maryland lottery. there will return one-third of their machines. some machines in casinos are leased by the state. more details on the reasons behind the return of the machines and how it could impact the weekend's special session to expand gambling. >> a condition that affects many women, benign breast pain. find out if there's anything to be done about it. >> a space exploration breakthrough as the curiosity rover landed on mars.
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>> scientists around the world are congratulating nafsa on the landing of and other rubber on the surface of mars. the rover name curiosity landed
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safely on mars. it will see of mars has signs of life. the landing was a stellar achievements. >> real excitement and real pride in our nasa colleagues. they have achieved something amazing. a completely untested piece of technology and it worked first go. fantastic. >> we will sit down with one of the scientists who worked on the rover. >> we began with a study that shows the negative impact of too little vitamin d. the deficiency that worsens a child's illness whatever the list is. researchers looked at the vitamin d levels of 500 kids admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit and found 40% of them had lower vitamin d levels. those with the deficiency were cephalopod -- sicker.
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a 30% of 1-year-old at risk for autism brief received a confirmed diagnosis by the age of 3. parents filled out a questionnaire. 85% had some sort of developmental delay at the age of three. experts say spotting children with developmental delays early gives them months if not years to participate in intervention programs before they would typically be diagnosed. you may have heard of benign breast pain. it can be quite worrisome. is there anything you can or should do about it? lisa robinson, more in tonight's woman's doctor. >> benign breast pain, a lot of women ext.. sit around the time of their -- experience it around the time of their period.
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>> get the appropriate studies and an ultrasound. make sure there is not any sort of underlying pathology. >> a recent study suggests a woman can take vitamin supplements to help with the pain. >> they treated these patients for one month with letterman's, this was off -- this was brenman e -- vitamin e and b. there was an improvement in pain. >> eating a well-balanced, healthy diet is the sure way to get these vitamins. there in all months, a sunflower seeds, and fresh fruit and vegetables. >> this would require them to eat extra food or to take a supplement. >> you have heard of post- traumatic stress disorder, the
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so-called kees shellshocked battle fatigue. it is associated with soldiers. such experiences can trigger the disorder in unpredictable and uncontrollable ways. there is help. thanks to a treatment called rapid resolution there be. it works on a subconscious level. >> the only reason why a motion of problems have not gotten better is because a deeper part of the mind got stuck when the person was going through it and that part of their mind has no realized that it is finished. >> soldiers are not the only ones who can suffer from ptsd. survivors of any kind of trauma, accidents, sexual violence, natural disasters are among the millions who suffer that disorder in sciencsilence. the growing popularity of the rapid resolution there be is giving many hope. >> a couple spots hitting the
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90-degree mark. 93 with some mugginess in the atmosphere. another hot and steamy august day. most areas to the north and west have kept the temperature in the mid- to the upper 80's. 83. 81 in colombia. 90 down at the airport. kesse braze and some cloud cover at ocean city has them cooler there anyone. they have had some showers passing by the area. and much more comfortable, 75. you can see the colonists to the south of them -- the generating showers and storms. a couple of this letter showers passing through the ocean city area are out to sea. around the baltimore area we will see temperatures about normal. mid-60's suburbs.
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the sun will set this evening at 8:12 p.m. showers and storms were triggered yesterday. it is pushing south through virginia. that is where the activity will be for tonight and tomorrow. it can see more clear real- estate into the upper midwest. a couple of days we do not have to worry about big thunderstorms popping up here. it will be a cloudy sky and seasonably warm. in light southerly wind at five to 10. sitting tomorrow at 8:11 p.m. in line with averaging 1 foot and it should be a fairly quiet day. southern parts of the day might have some storms crossing. not when -- water temperatures are 85. at the baltimore harbor, 84 degree water temperatures. adm wednesday. nice mountain weather. the eastern shore locations, temperatures are not bad except
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-- compared to the extreme heat we have had to deal with. at ocean city, that is where the thunderstorms rolling year. that front not too far away so it keeps a 20% chance of a sour -- a shower or storm. the tropics will be making the headlines. florence has fizzled out. not a big threat there. ernesto is getting closer to land and getting stronger. it can see these big thunderstorms blossoming and the forecast as to get toward central america. 74 mile an hour wind. it may reach that as it makes its way toward police city are toward yucatan peninsula. maybe fizzling out in central parts of mexico. that is the current track right now that is expected to strengthen. partly cloudy and warm.
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89 tomorrow. nine yen wednesday. thunderstorm chances come back late thursday. our best chance for storms on friday with a high of 86. >> the latest on the mass shooting at a religious temple in wisconsin. >> we're getting a much better picture on the gunman. >> the price at the pump is going up. i have the latest on the outlook for the rest of summer next. >> dollars and cents, tv attack ads and the race for the white house. the latest next.
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>> the race for the white house is sitting record in fund- raising and spending. >> we have tonight's commitment 2012 report. >> on a break in new hampshire, mitt romney were shopping for groceries and some friendly
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phone coverage. masking intent shopping for something he and the president need more of campaign cash. >> it will be the most expensive election in u.s. history. >> barack obama took in 700 tricky million in 2008 most her small daughters but in 2010, the supreme court changed the rules allowing big groups like crossroads gps run by karl rove and another run by a former obama staffer to fund attack ads. team romney is winning the fundraising for fight, taking in more than $100 million. tube team,'s 70 million. democrats are spending more. in swing states from florida to
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new hampshire, virginia, figuring many voters are still not sure about the gop candidate. trying to define mitt romney were he has had some difficulties. >> will just lost our jobs. we do not have an income. mitt romney made over $100 million by shutting down our plan. >> tens of millions being raised and spent with the election more than 90 days away. >> president obama is in connecticut tonight. he is still there but it is not so much votes he is looking for at the home of a hollywood producer, you have to fund raise. >> we have an update on a restaurant fire that police say someone deliberately set. how you can help police find that suspect. >> a closer look at the weekend tragedy.
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>> something curious is going on here. the maryland science center. i will tell you all
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wbal tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. continues now. >> it landed sunday to begin a two-year mission on the planet
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mars. it is a rover developed by nasa and the hope is it will help scientists learn more about the geographic make above the red planet. daughter space center is playing a key role. >> one of their scientists was at the science center to talk about that. >> a very special day at the maryland science center. nasa-bordered is playing a major role with the curiosity mission. we spoke to a nasa-soldered scientist who was using curiosity to figure out if life existed on the planet. as nasa scientists were celebrating the successful landing of the mars rover curiosity at the jet propulsion lab in california at nasa- soldered, dr. jennifer stern was doing some jumping around of her own. >> stressing that landing last
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night was incredible. knowing that everything went as planned, everything worked. seeing those first images come in. >> we caught up with dr. stern at the space link exhibit where she was answering questions about her role in the two-year mission. she will be studying rocks, minerals, and the atmosphere to see if there could have been life on mars. >> i helped with the design and testing of the experiments that are on. it is one of the instruments on the rover. >> she pointed out the successful end of the landing which involved a sky crane and the largest supersonic parachute that could set the stage for humans to land on mars. >> letting something that heavy is the first steps in ever landing any sort of human mars mission because you need all that weight for life-support. >> as far as the learning experience, folks of the science center were brimming with
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excitement having someone directly involved with the curiosity spread her knowledge. >> it is special, a new era of exploration. this is something we have never done before so it is an opportunity to introduce kids to discovery, how these discoveries are made. get them excited about science and education. >> it is a great experience for kids. throughout the two-year mission, the science center will be displaying photos sent back from curiosity on their large screen tv's and their space exhibit will have them on a smaller screen. i am lowell meltzer. >> taking a look at some of our other top stories. both were city police are investigating an officer involved shooting. the officer was arresting a suspect on a traffic warrant when the man asked to use the bathroom.
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the suspect took off running and a jump into a car. the man drove the vehicle at an officer who then fired three shots, hitting the suspect in the arm. he was found 3 miles away and taken to the hospital for treatment. it was breaking news last friday. someone deliberately set that fire at a hartford county dannie's restaurant. police came up with a description. a white male, 5 feet 11 to 6 feet 2 inches tall, around two ordered pounds last seen wearing an orange t-shirt, dark shorts, sunglasses, and a dark colored baseball hat. anyone with information is asked to call baltimore police. the anne arundel fire department is asking for help in finding to the rio arson suspects. the teenagers seen here entered the food line and set off some type of fireworks which caused smoke to billow throughout the store. if you know the identity of
5:34 pm
these genes, called the anne arundel county fire investigators. >> we're learning more about the man who carried out the mass shooting at a religious temple outside of milwaukee on sunday. he was acting alone when he shot and killed six people, injuring several others before police shot and killed him. >> his name is wade michael page. >> and now and skinhead and a leader of a popular neo-nazi band. >> the possibility of his being in other records of law enforcement around the country are things we're still pursuing. >> the southern poverty law center says page was a known name in the neo-not see world -- nazi world. he was in the hammerskins, an
5:35 pm
extremely violent group. page was never specifically on their radar. >> we had no reason to believe, no law enforcement agency had any reason to believe that he was planning or capable of such violence. >> americans would stand to the hague that led to the shooting, president of oobama said. >> as for the 9 millimeter handgun, he bought it legally. >> where satisfied we know how it ended up in the hands of this killer. >> police say thehe used it in n ambush on the first officer who arrived. prexy had been shot nine times, one of them very seriously in
5:36 pm
the next year at and he waved them off and told them to go into the temple to assist those in there. >> as lieutenant murphy recovers, the sikh committee is still asking why. >> the collapse of a coal mine and the bombing of hiroshima. >> a truck drove straight into a crowd. >> why this facility is returning hundreds of its slot machines. new at six. new at six.
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>> today is the second anniversary of a mine collapse in chile. 33 miners survived underground, blogger than anyone else previously known. and the anniversary of the tragic bombing in hiroshima, japan. president harry truman ordered the bombing.
5:40 pm
the bomb dropped on the city killed 140,000 people. three days after that attack might the u.s. dropped a second atomic bomb on the city of nagasaki. both attacks an effort to end the war and save american lives. the japanese surrendered six days later. >> a truck plowed into a parking .ot in texas, vincent martinez could face manslaughter charges. a man died in a nascar race this weekend. the 41-year-old was in a crowd of 85,000 people when lightning struck. he was killed and nine others were injured but it is not clear how many people were actually hit by lightning. a spokesperson said officials are reviewing how the truck carried out its harsh and secrecy jurors.
5:41 pm
another man was listed in stable condition. >> how you can board the campaign. >> are you scrounging up cash to get this back to school electronics and gadgets? we may be able to help you. that is in consumer alert. >> gas prices are going up again. i have details next. >> rain not too far away in parts of southern maryland. we will check the seven-day forecast. 90 degrees in bal
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>> cause for concern?
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how the maryland casino is impacting slots in perryville. a strange turn our grants and with a city police officer shooting suspect in a northwest baltimore courthouse. the stories and more when
5:44 pm
>> hard to believe we have another week of olympic action to enjoy. here is matt centrowitz. he made the field for the final and we're told he is a threat
5:45 pm
for a medal in this race. join jerry sandusky for more. >> you may have noticed it is costing more to fill up your gas tank. aaa says the national average of a gallon has gone up 13 cents. we have more on where we could expect some relief. people in baltimore are starting to notice a change. >> we're going up for sure. >> going up. real high. >> prices do not usually go up in august but a few days in, this month is already bucking that trend. the price nationally is at $3.62 per gallon. in maryland is $3.58, 10 cents more than a week ago. >> the main factor when we see gas prices rise is crude oil prices.
5:46 pm
we have seen them trading in that $90 per row arbarrel range. >> the increased prices are tougher drivers but especially for people who have to fill up for work. for his landscaping or he not only has to fill up the truck but also all of their lawn mowers and equipment. >> we're losing out every time we have to gas up, we're losing a lot of money. it is tough. >> for every one that is that you have to work harder. >> people are cutting back where they can to save some cash. >> we have to cut down on our driving and to save money for ourselves. >> the cost of a gallon could go up before it comes back down but we should see some relief when the summer driving season ends after labor day. >> absent any political events
5:47 pm
for weather events, the price could go up through august and decline through labor day. >> you can find a link on our website. >> now your 11 insta-weatherplus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> a few showers late last night, early this morning. did not amount to a lot in the rain gauge. so far down there, august totals, 0.01 of an inch. we have topped 8.5 inches below normal for precipitation. the temperature has hit 90 or better. 86 is the average.
5:48 pm
105 going back to 1918. we still see some low 90 because a downtown. frederick at 90 degrees, cooler on the coast, some clouds and showers and it is 75 in the mountains at oakland and geary county. it looks like that will keep the temperatures from falling too far. the showers are down to the south in virginia and the extreme southern parts of maryland around ocean city passing south of there. 65 surber scott 75 downtown baltimore. at 8:12, we do not have to worry about thunderstorms and this dry weather that stretches through the great lakes will be with us for the day tomorrow, too. the front came through stalled to the south and that is where the thunderstorm threat will be
5:49 pm
for the next couple of days. a little on the warm side. that is a level above normal. the wind out of the south at five to 10 miles per hour. the wind will be honored they se at 5 -- the southeast at five to ten ilmiles an hour. for the summer, 89 tomorrow and 90 and wednesday. down at the coast is where we hang on to a chance for thunderstorms. the front stalls. ernesto will be making landfall. getting stronger now as it turns to the caribbean. the computer model trucks are in the same area. it will make land fall either
5:50 pm
in the yucatan. it will be a hurricane as it moves out. unfortunately it will bring some much-needed rain to the parched areas in the plains. a thunderstorm chances start to creep back and late thursday and it looks like friday, a good chance for shower or thunderstorm. the high is 86. >> a vacation party is being hosted. officials are looking for someone to head the set. that person will get $25,000 in free travel. just go to the website for the details. another website has some tips on how to save money on this back to school electronics. you can sign up for alerts from
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daily deal websites. the web sites include pricespider. you might want to buy refurbished to equip it. it started with the restaurant industry when food trucks started gaining popularity. businesses come to you now and with the help of technology, more are getting them. >> whether your car is at home or parked at a downtown parking lot, once you keep it clean. >> you will have a pro that will come out and clean your car. >> travis is behind the app, a mobile car wash at to keep your
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car clean. all you have to do is sign up and tell them where your car is in pale line. $25 for the outside, $10 more if you want the inside cleaned as well. there will dispatch a car professional without you having to come down. he is doing this between graduating for college and a full-time job in the fall. >> it comes down to details. you just have to put in effort to make sure that every inch of the car is clean. >> the mobile carwash idea is nothing new but many of the people who do what are details and charge quite a bit of money. this is more like the wash you do in your driveway. >> gerrie as for the mass market. the people who want their head clean -- car clean. >> this is high quality. >> there is something to be said
5:53 pm
for staying in one place. >> the place is not going to move. if anything happens to the car, we take full responsibility. >> taught -- technology that may start with the push of a button but ends with a real person washing, rinsing, and drying your very real car. >> me before 5 a day. >> is your own car clean? >> definitely. >> the car washers bring their own water and your car must be in a public place of the can get to it and there is no [unintelligible] because that is in the price of the wash. >> marilyn's casino plans to return slot machines. how this could impact the next week -- the session on expanded gambling. we give you a look at one of london's traditional pubs.
5:54 pm
london olympic coverage continues. continues.
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>> the english pub is a tradition that dates back centuries and is still incredibly popular today. we go to some of london's oldest pubs. >> the olympic flame brings cultures and people together. the english pub race triple together in search of the
5:57 pm
perfect for -- pour. >> a place to unwind, ketchup catcossip or the -- h up on gossip or the medal count. >> he is to come underneath that have a quick drink and over. >> @ the westminster arms, a bill cole's members of parliament back for a vote. >> m.p.'s go across to vote. >> the term public comes from public house. >> is by air.
5:58 pm
>> if these walls could talk, how these wells would talk. the closer you get to parliament in never know who is listening. river has at some of these places are bugged -- rumor has it some of these places are bugged. >> that is all for us at 5. here is what is coming at 6. >> a officer involved shooting outside a city court house. >> haslinda as it is prepared to meet on expanded gaming, the first casino scaled back. details at 6:00 p.m. >> live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at 6:00 p.m.
5:59 pm
>> our big story. a baltimore city police officer shoots a man who was arrested on a traffic warrant and a courthouse in northwest baltimore. >> the suspect as the arresting officer to use the restroom. when the officer took off in handcuffs, the suspect bolted from the building. barry simms is live at the courthouse and we pick up the story from there. >> the officer who was involved in the shooting feared for his life and that is why he opened fire on this courthouse parking lot. >> i hope to god i am not going to get killed. i am not get murdered. >> when the shooting started in the bourhill lot of this courthouse in northwest baltimore, walter powerball said he was in his car a few feet away. >> why is this officer shooting while i am sitting right here? >> they assert, a 38-year-old >> they assert, a 38-year-old


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